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Types of Loft Conversion: Roof Off / Roof On

The 'Roof Off / Roof On' Process

Acorn Lofts are one of only a handful of loft conversion specialists in the UK to offer the new and exciting concept of “Roof off, Roof on” loft conversions. Until now, loft conversions have primarily been able to be carried out on traditional cut roof type housing, pre 1975. Our unique new method of “Roof off, Roof on” conversions now enables us to convert newer properties with modern trussed roofs, in a quick and easy process.

Most trussed roof housing comes with a 35 degree roof pitch. We would change this to a 45 degree pitch. By doing this the overall height of the roof increases by approximately 1.2 – 1.6 Metres. This allows the overall loft space to increase dramatically.

The process is simple. Over two days, the existing roof is stripped and removed and the new roof is installed by using attic trussed craned into place. The roof is felted and battened as we go, and fitted in two halves to ensure the house is secure and watertight at all times.


This type of loft conversion allows you to have Velux windows and /or dormer windows and takes approximately five to seven weeks from installing the new roof to second fix plumbing, carpentry and electrics.

Roof Off / Roof On

Roof Off / Roof On

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