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The Process

At Acorn Lofts we can do as much or as little as you want us to. Should you wish to originate your own plans that's fine, we will work with your architect. Should you wish to use your own plumber or electrician, that's fine we will work with them. Should you only want the structural side of your conversion carried out by Acorn, that's fine. We understand that some jobs you can do yourself or know someone who is able to help you.

When we survey your property inform us what you would like us to quote for and we can provide you with a detailed quotation based on the work you want done. Alternatively if you don't want the hassle or worry we can carry out the full loft conversion for you from plans to plaster. All you'll have to worry about is what colour you want to paint it!


A member of our team carries out a no obligation survey on your property. This enables us to discuss your requirements and for us to offer our advice on the best option for you. We will ensure that the proposed conversion compliments the existing exterior of your house and provides you with the maximum amount of living space for your loft area.


A fixed quotation will be sent to you detailing all proposed work and specifications.

Should you wish to proceed, we will issue you a schedule of payments, which will clarify the payment dates for your conversion and will confirm the agreed work that is to be carried out. We will ask you to forward a deposit with the completed payment plan so that plans can be originated and to secure you a place in our working schedule. Please note that a final payment will only be required once all work is completed, passed on site by the local authority/independent inspectors, and you are happy.


A member of our team will carry out a full survey of your property and initiate for the full working drawings and structural calculations to be drawn up. These will comply with all current building regulations. The cost of the plans and calculations are included in the quotation. However, should you decide not to proceed at this point the cost of the drawings must be reimbursed to Acorn Lofts.

Local Authority Permission

The proposed plans will be forwarded to you for your approval before they are submitted into your local authority. Any alterations you want can be made at this point. Should you require planning permission, the appropriate forms will be completed and submitted. Planning permission normally takes 8 to 12 weeks depending on your local authority. Throughout this time, Acorn will liaise with the council concerning the progress of your application and act accordingly should it be required.

Once planning permission / lawful development is obtained or before work commences, full plans and structural calculations will be submitted to the Building Control Department or Independent Building Control Inspectors. A statuary commencement notice will be sent to the council informing them when work is going to begin on your property. We work closely and consult the appointed Inspectors throughout your conversion. Site visits to inspect the work are arranged when appropriate.

Ready to Start

Once all approvals that are required have been obtained, we will confirm your start date. A member of Acorn will meet with you before any work commences on your property. We will arrange for the scaffolding to be erected and materials to be delivered ready for work to commence.

The Conversion


Every conversion is different depending on your property, type of loft conversion and design. However, they do tend to follow a pattern.


  • Independent scaffolding is erected

  • Your existing loft hatch is sealed shut - this will be plastered over later

  • We create an opening in your roof for access to your loft area

  • Existing chimney and tanks are removed if required

  • Receive 1st fix materials

  • Arrange for delivery of skip

Structural Work:

  • All load bearing steels, trimmers, and steel plates that are relevant to your job are installed

  • Structural walls of the dormers, hip to gables, and mansard are formed

  • New structural floor joists are laid.


Plumbing Work:
1st Fix

  • Old tanks are removed

  • Tanks that are in use are disconnected and re-located in the void area within your loft space

  • New pipe work is laid ready to accommodate fixtures to the loft room

Electrical Work:
1st Fix

  • New wires are laid ready to accommodate all electrical fittings to your loft room(s)

External Work:

  • New UPVC / Wooden Double glazed windows are installed

  • Velux skylight windows and flashing kits are installed

  • Roofing work including tiling, lead work and flat roof/s is completed

  • Fascia boards, guttering and down pipes are fixed

  • New external walls are rendered or pebble dashed

Internal Work:

  • The whole of the loft is insulated to comply with Building Regulations

  • Internal walls are formed

  • Flooring is laid creating loft room floor

  • Stairs to loft area are installed

  • Whole area of loft conversion is clad with plasterboards

  • Two coats of plaster are applied to boarded areas

Plumbing Work:
2nd Fix

  • Radiators, sanitary ware, and new boilers are installed

  • Waste connection is connected into your existing drainage system

  • Existing S.V.P is extended

Electrical Work:
2nd Fix

  • Plug sockets, light points, extractors fans etc. are connected to the wiring in your loft

  • Connection is made to your existing fuse board

Second Fix:

  • Skirting and architrave is fixed throughout your newly converted room/s

  • ½-hour fire checked doors are hung


  • The site is cleared

  • Scaffolding is removed

  • All skips are removed from site

Building Control Approval:

  • Inspections from your appointed Building Inspector will take place throughout your conversion. A final inspection will be carried out and a completion letter issued.

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